Let Optimus put our experience to work for you today!

Every aspect of your multi-family construction project is organized and managed to deliver added value in the form of quality construction, on time and on budget.

The entire staff embraces a unique awareness for the value of time, money, and quality; these values are reflected in the day to day operations and in throughout all of our projects.  Optimus is dedicated to developing and managing accurate schedules resulting in timely completion of projects. It has been our experience that cost control starts with understanding the plans and specifications and preparing our competitive bid properly.  We have developed a sophisticated accounting systems that accurately tracks all expenditures and comprehensive continuation sheets for each sub trade.  We only pay for work in place that has been fully inspected and accepted by local authority and design team members.  Optimus is proactive in evaluating quality on our multi-family construction projects, we strictly follow the submittal process, cross- check all deliveries, and have a clear understanding with owner, Design Team, and Optimus field  team on what defines quality.
  • Solicitation of bids
  • Material procurement
  • Project communication management
  • Project cost control and accounting management
  • Construction schedule maintenance and evaluation
  • Subcontractor payment request and lien release administration
  • Change Order process compliance and negotiation
  • Job site meetings
  • Coordination with architects, engineers and other consultants
  • Jurisdictional liaison and interface
  • Quality control enforcement
  • Sustainable Building documentation
  • Perform “punch list” inspection
  • Perform project close out
  • Start up & training
  • Submit operation manuals and warranties
  • Plan management and version control oversight
  • Contract documents administration
  • Providing and controlling labor, materials, equipment, and subcontractors
  • Cost and schedule control
  • Construction inspection
  • Time, Quality and Material management
  • Risk management
  • Code compliance
  • Submittals, Request For Information (RFI), and permit coordination
  • Compliance Monitoring