Optimus offers an integrated suite of services for every aspect of your project.

Successful projects are driven by people who have a thorough understanding of the construction process from conceptual design through administrative close-out. This is especially true when project participants share a common set of core values and goals. Whether managing design professionals and contractors or resolving challenging disputes, we pledge to always seek the truth, strive for excellence in our work and stand behind our commitments. These principals are central to our core values and influence how we manage our relationships, our projects, and our business.

It has been our experience that the most successful projects are the projects that are driven by people who understand the concept of partnering. As a company, we take this pledge to our subcontractors, vendors, architects, engineers, suppliers, and others, but most importantly, to our clients.

Optimus Pledge

  • Know the Objective
  • Define & Manage Reasonable Expectation
  • Assume & Assign Responsibility
  • Understand the Consequences Of Time
  • Recognize the Value & Constraint Of Money
  • Know, Honor, & Enforce Agreements
  • Practice & Require Timely Action
  • Anticipate Problems & Initiate Solutions
  • Stay Engaged
  • Seek the Truth